Join us and we are working together to create value

Qinhuangdao City Huasheng down Electric Co., Ltd. with excellent and efficient management team and excellent staff, 70% of employees direct services to technology R & D and marketing, of which 80% is electrical or related professional background, fully reflect the characteristics of the distribution of high tech enterprise talent, but also the long-term development of the company personnel power.
People oriented:
We insist on the management idea of human nature, that is, the staff as a complete personality to treat. In fact experience, position, ability differences are minor, "road have been heard, specialize in", all is equal in personality, if you have to compete, but also because of moral character, ability, rather than the post. Therefore, we provide an equal and harmonious working environment for every employee.
Pay attention to personnel incentive, we not only focus on non economic incentives, such as a perfect performance evaluation system, self development, flexibility, promotion opportunities, recognition and affirmation, the opportunity to exchange, participation in decision making and so on, also attaches great importance to economic incentives, such as the general manager reward fund, devoted to excite a special contribution, inventions, because in a certain sense, the lawful income of money, not only to improve people's quality of life and the embodiment of the value of their own people, is an index of people to contribute to society more oligo. Therefore, perfect salary system, bonus (monthly award, annual award), all kinds of insurance, paid vacation, holiday benefits, quarter of insurance products and we encourage talents as, is the company to attract top talent, retain talent of the key factors.
Outside cited in education, director:
In the strategic planning of talent, we adhere to the "external cited internal education" of the strategic policy. Specifically, in the introduction of talent, we according to the company's long-term strategic objectives, formulate the corresponding long-term employment plan, and according to the different with the post, to the requirements of job responsibilities, according to the requirements of the introduction of high-quality personnel; any one company to must go through training and examination system after the inauguration, we continue to cultural education and skill education, enterprise employees, the enterprise values throughout, enabling employees to maintain a high degree of consistency with the company on the understanding; to impart knowledge to the staff at the same time, we also pay great attention to help staff to improve the comprehensive quality of every year, companies will take part in management positions, the open competition mechanism of competition. Will send some personnel to participate in various occupation training, even sent abroad to learn foreign advanced technology, so that employees have to Director To give full play to.
The rapid development of the company, it really depends on the cooperation of all employees without the spirit of hard work and unremitting efforts, is now inviting you to join us, let us work together for the company's two venture to write a brilliant chapter!